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Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

1. Get multiple quotes- you don't have to call several different agencies to get a couple quotes, our office can provide you with
    comparison quotes through several companies just by making one phone call.

2. Consider higher deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage- higher deductibles mean lower premiums, just make 
     sure in the event of a claim you can afford that deductible (there is no deductible on liability insurance).

3. Drop collision and/or comprehensive coverage on older vehicles- if your vehicle is totaled in an accident you receive the actual
    cash value of the vehicle at the time of the loss. Determine what your vehicle is worth by using software like NADA Guides versus 
    the cost of the coverage over time.

4. Consider the cost of car insurance before you buy- call your agent for a quote on the insurance for a car before you buy it,
     this way you will know exactly what to expect. Premiums vary depending on specific vehicle characteristics. 

5. Consider usage-based insurance- programs like Progressive's Snapshot and Safeco's RightTrack monitor your driving habits, so
    the safer your drive the more you save.

6. Take advantage of low-mileage discounts- if you drive less than the average number of miles a year, you may qualify for a discount. 

7. Review your insurance annually or at least  biannually- your insurance needs are constantly changing over the years, by reviewing 
    your policies you will ensure you are getting all the discounts available to you and staying properly insured. Did you get married, have
    a teen starting to drive, retire, purchase a home-all of these milestones can generate new discounts available to you!

8. Keep your driving record clean- tickets and accidents are a driver's worst enemy when it comes to insurance. If you have multiple
    violations or claims, you can expect loss of discounts, surcharges, and possibly cancellation. 

9. Maintain good credit- credit history is used as a factor in insurance pricing. Insurers say that statistics show that drivers with stable 
    credit have fewer insurance accidents/claims.

Ways To Save Money On Home Insurance

1. Again get multiple quotes- just because you have been with the same company you've had for 30 years doesn't mean it's 
    the best price. Carrier's evaluate their rates at least once or twice a year, and each company is different. 

2. Raise your deductible- increasing the portion of the claim you are responsible for means a lower premium.

3. Don't confuse what you paid for your house with the rebuilding costs- market value is very different from the replacement 
    depending on where you live. Insurance companies want you to insure your home for what it would cost to replace it, which
    can be more than what you paid for it. Check the cost of insurance before you purchase a home, especially if you will be 
    combining your insurance cost with your mortgage payment.

4. Bundle- typically the discount to combine your auto and home with the same company can be around 30% on each policy. This can 
    make a huge difference in your premiums.

5. Modernize your home- update your roof or utilities to prevent claims and you could save additional money.

6. Home security- install an alarm system for extra protection and savings.

7. Review your policies for discounts with your agent

8. Maintain good credit

9. Consider the location of the home-
the closer you are to a fire department and hydrants the better rate you should receive.